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Development program for both horse and rider designed to excel in sport.

With over 30 years of experience in international competition, Owner Marcelo Barros and trainer Calil Yunis have created a program to guide students in reaching their equestrian goals. From WEF and the Maclays to our local horse shows, we have experienced trainers who can improve both horse and rider, creating a stronger connection and making them a successful team both in and out of the ring. 


These are some of the things that make us unique in what we do:

  • Our trainers are experienced horsemen who can train your horse while also instructing you.

  • Our facility has a selection of trainers, giving you a choice in high-quality instruction.

  • Programs that deliver improvement both in and out of the ring, from ground manner to overall health. 

  • Multi-level instruction from young horses or beginners through to the top levels of our sport.

  • Local, Rated, out-of-state, and international competition opportunities.

  • First-rate facilities and access to quality support staff in farriers, vets, and sports therapy.

Tryon Regional Finals
Pony Finals
Chakira WEF
Marcelo Barros
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