Our Story

"I grew up an only child in a small rural village in England and in that quiet village, my riding lesson was the highlight of my week and that passion has remained with me all these years. With my husband Marcelo in my life, together we are business owners and parents, maintaining a passion horses.


I have a special relationship with my horses and that unique relationship is something that I wish to continue in my life and nurture in the lives of others, whether it's a weekly lesson or horse ownership, I know what good a horse can do for a person. Together we have made WB into an environment where we focus on the riders' relationship with their horse, where the stresses of life are left at the door and with a good work ethic and the guidance of our trainers; each and every rider can establish and exceed their equestrian goals. "

- Sally Barros WB Equestrian

Trainers and Staff
Marcelo Barros

Owner and Head Trainer

Marcelo, a native of São Paulo Brazil has lived in the United States since the mid 90s, while in Brazil he was an accomplished junior competitor who went on to be a noted course designer and the head trainer of the prestigious Santo Amaro riding club of São Paulo.

After moving to United States Marcelo‘s passion for horses led to the creation of WB Equestrian and multifaceted family business. WB has flourished in the Orlando area growing out of two previous locations until finally in 2005 the current Lake Markham property was purchased.

Marcelo is highly respected within the community; he has a passion for teaching and dedicated his life to helping other riders reach their goals. With all of his years in the industry Marcelo applies his wealth of experience to all aspects of his business which include his teaching, a successful annuals show schedule, competition training for his students both nationally and abroad and the importation of top quality show horses.

Sally Barros

Owner and Operations Manager

Born in the United Kingdom, Sally rode throughout her childhood before moving to Florida and continuing her passion for horses. Competing to Grand Prix level with her husband Marcelo she competed both nationally and internationally for many years before dedicating her time to her two children and the business. 

Sally now splits her time between her family and operating WB Equestrian. 

Calil Yunis


Dr. Calil Yunis, a certified vet, top rider and trainer from Sao Paulo Brazil moved to Central Florida in the early 2000s where he continued to train his students to the top level of sport.  A true horseman, Calil is an experience trainer and rider who competed himself in the open jumpers before turning his attention to helping others reach their goals.


Calil has a strong background in the foundation of dressage and show jumping and is exceptional at the development of young horses and teaching all ages.