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Welcome to our website, we hope you find it enjoyable and informative.

We started WB Equestrian back in 2003 with two competition horses and one broodmare. We travelled across the South East going to shows and competing in the Jumpers.

When we were expecting our first child we cut back on showing and Marcelo utilized his 20 years experience training and teaching in Brazil and accepted students. In late 2005 we began offering boarding and purchased a 40-acres piece of property in growing Seminole county Florida, just North of Orlando.

We are currently showing most local and national shows in the South East, we travel to Europe and South America once a year, taking students to show and lesson with leading riders. In 2007 we completed construction of our 50 stall training & breeding facility which remains one of the jems of Central Florida. We offer lessons daily for both beginners and advanced riders.



2014 WB Equestrian Summer Camp forms are now available.

The dates for the 2014 Camp are :
Session 1 "Seminole May" 5/27 - 5/30
Session 2 "June's Here" 6/16 - 6/20
Session 3 "June Mini Camp" 6/23 - 6/25
Session 4 "Jump in July" 7/14 - 7/18
Session 5 "August Finale" 8/4 - 8/8 $450

Download the enrollment forms here

Visit the Summer camp section for more information

Congratulations to WB riders at ESP December 7th - 8th

Marcus Barros & Shaquille - 1st Training Jpr
Marcus Barros & Shaquille - 4th & 7th Hopeful Jpr
Leah Elders Carasco - Low Working Htr Champion
Sophia Bertot & 2 The Nines - 7th NAL Classic

Congratulations to all WB riders on their GOHJA awards

Lucy Ana Barros - W/T 8th
Sidney Porter - Cross Rails 5th, 6th
Lyra Tooey - X-rails Champion
Emily Lewis - Short Stirrups Reserve Champion
Marcus Barros - Short Stirrups 6th
Maddy Fava - Hopeful Jumper 4th
Maddy Fava - Ch/Ad Jumper 3rd
Yasmeen Asfoor - Pony Medal

Results from HSITP Ocala November

Fun in the Sun - Emmy Hays Xrails Champion
Huey WB - Emily Lewis
Hopeful Hunter Champion
Annie Oakley WB - Lyra Tooey
Schooling Hunter Champion
Autumn Sunrise - JP Hilton
W/T res champion
Vespera - Marcelo Barros
Ribbons in the Lv2 Jpr
Duchess - Marcelo Barros
Ribbons in the Lv0 Jpr
Carasco - Marcelo Barros
1st Low Hunter
Simply Betty - Alexandra Faulkner
Ribbons in the short stirrups
Congrats to all and their trainer Ms Debbie!

ESP Fall Finale

Congrats to the following riders at the ESP show :
Marcus Barros & Shaquille - Hopeful Jumper Res. Champion
Sydney Chase & Cookie - 2nd in the Jr/Am Classic
Lauren Zavodney & Veroniike - 1st in the Jr/Am Jumpers
Marcelo Barros & Vespera - Ribbons in the Training Jumper
Marcelo Barros & Perseus - Ribbons in the Training Jumpers
Sophia Bertot & Farina H - Ribbons in the low Ch/Ad Jumpers
Katie Wills & Comet - Ribbons in the 1.20M Jumpers
Sydney Chase & Baba Booey - Ribbons in the low schooling
Yasmeen Asfoor & Simply Bella - Ribbons in the Medium Pony

ESP Fall 2

Congratulations to Joyce Green & Cheryl Walker Wayson on a super show
Marcelo Barros & Lagoa - High Schooling Champion
Joyce Green & Cassidy - Ribbons in the 5yr old and Add Back Jumper
Joyce Green & Apollo - Ribbons in the Add Back Jumper
Marcelo Barros & Vespera - Low Schooling Champion

WB horses do great at HSITP Ocala

Cheryl & Vespera, Marcelo & Perseus, Marcelo & Mclovin and Marcus and Shaquille put in some lovely rounds this past weekend in Ocala

Super job to Ms Debbies Students at GOHJA October

Emily Lewis & Huey WB - Ribbons in the Ch Hunter Pony
Sidney Porter & Annie Oakley WB - Ribbons in the Cross Rails
Lyra Tooey & Simply Betty - Ribbons in the Short Stirrups

Congratulations to all WB riders at the South East Medal Finals with WB Trainer Katie Wills.

Lauren Zavodney and Veronike - 4th in the Ch/Ad Jumper Championship

Sydney chase represents United States in the FEI Americas Jumping Championship - Rosario Argentina.

We are very proud of Sydney who traveled to Argentina with her father and Marcelo. She placed 9th overall and recieved two awards. The first was for being the rider of the best Argentinian bred horse and the second was for the top style award. Congrats Sydney!

We have a number of new horses for sale on our website, be sure to visit the horses for sale link.