An early photo of Marcelo jumping at the club in Sao Paulo, Brazil 1979.

Marcelo with some of his students at the Santo Amaro club in Brazil 1989.

Marcelo winning a competition in France, 1988.

The French newspaper reporting the results of the show Marcelo won.

Marcelo riding friend Vitor Teixeiras Attack Z in Sweden, 1988.

Marcelo Jumping Shaquille in the 2003 Young Jumper Finals in New York.

Marcelo training with two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Joe Fargis. Nov-2003.

Marcelo with Nelson Pessoa and Andre Johannpeter at 1990 World Championship at Stockholm.

Marcelo with friend, Vitor Teixeira at 1990 World Championship at Stockholm.

1990, Switzerland. Marcelo with Pierre Durand and the incredible Jappeloup: 1988 Olympic champions.

Marcelo with friends, Fernando Miranda, Marcos Pileggi, Alvaro "Doda" Miranda & Carlos Ribas at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Marcelo with friend, Rodrigo Pessoa at the 96 Olympics in Atlanta.

A recent photo of Marcelo with friends Rodrigo Pessoa, Carlos Ribas & Sergio Campos.

Jacksonville AGA CSI* International Grand Prix - January 2004 Marcelo riding Shaquille - a horse we trained since he was a green 4yr old.